Good ideas esteemed by good companies...

Brand building, corporate identity and marketing communications... Since 2006, we work hard to produce the best solutions that our clients need to achieve its marketing targets.

What we mean by saying “the best solutions” is to generate the ideas that serve well to the strategic targets and produce them in an excellent way to make the idea “work”.

Below, you can read some of the concepts that we adopt to success in our philosophy of “Creating good ideas for good companies who values them.”; or you can go directly to the gallery to see if we could succeed in what we promised!

Miss Alix TV commercial.

The art of marketing!

What we understand from “advertising creativity” is to show the benefits of the product or service in a way that it would be loved and accepted by the consumers. Unlike other disciplines of marketing, we speak to his/her senses. We use art… literature, graphic design, photography etc. in a synergetic way to flash a light in his mind to catch attention and convince him to take action. Therefore, we define what we do as “The Art of Marketing”… and call ourselves “Marketing Artists”

An advertisement is composed of two components:
WHAT you say and HOW you say it.

WHAT you say is your strategy such as your plan of movement -the greatest idea in the context of your advertisement- the logic of your sales; and HOW you say it is the way of practising your strategy such as its visuals-its language-its design and the media...

To sell a product / service can only start when the relationship
between the consumer and the product / service has been fully grasped.

MARKET does a thorough research on each client company considering all the peculiarities and the reality of the sector in which that company functions, and determining its position in the market, forms a short, mid and long term strategic targets. As working on any product or service, Market Communications initially researches the prospective impact of that product or service on the targeted consumer group; comprehends the relation between the consumer and the product or service; and determines WHAT primarily to say to the consumer to be able to convince them.

Nobody reads advertising. People read what interests them;
and sometimes it's an ad.

Howard Gossage

Having the strategic planning finalised, the most efficient conveyance of the message to the target group concerns creativity. Not , subjectively, being evaluated merely as nice or unpleasant, all the work here is assessed as right or wrong only the target being the criterion. Creativity is to be able to realize the most efficient 'right' work; it is not only to present a memorable message but a convincing one arousing an interest to the product/service and a demand for them among the target group. MARKET Communications works hard to flash in the consumer's mind synthesizing all the colours, words, photos etc. as a whole creating synergy. Market Communications never hesitates to propose the ideas never have been tried, to do things which never have been done, and to try the channels never have been used.